Large Chuff Enuff Wide Bore Delrin POM Domed Drip Tip Top Cap RDA White 22mm

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High-quality, white Delrin (POM) 'Chuff Enuff' style drip tip / top cap

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For all you cloud chasers, this is a simple, but high-performance 'Chuff Enuff' style drip top cap, made in durable white Delrin / Polyoxymethylene (POM).

This material is hard-wearing and designed to transfer less heat than metal drip tips and is pleasant to use on the teeth and lips.

The cap is at home on most RDA set ups, including TOBH, Stillare, Plume Veil, and gives a fantastic, smooth draw with no loss of suction.

Key statistics:

Weight: 3.8 g
Length: 2.3 cm
Outer diameter: 2.2cm
Inner diameter: 1.2cm

If the cap does not fit your kit we are happy to take returns in exchange for a refund or substitute item.

Please note: We expect any returns to come back to us clean and unused.

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