Lilac/White marbled acrylic 510 vaping drip tip

High Quality Marbled Swirl Acrylic Wide Bore Drip Tip 510 Lilac Purple Coloured

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High-quality, marbled acrylic wide-bore 510 drip tip - lilac/ purple & white coloure

This is a beautifully made, high-quality marbled design acrylic wide-bore drip tip with a 510 fitting.

With a stunning swirling coloured effect, the tip has a lovely smooth finish and is pleasant to use on the teeth and lips.

The tip is at home on most 510 set ups and gives a fantastic, smooth draw with no loss of suction and minimal heat transfer.

Please note: each tip and its swirl / marbling design will vary slightly from the item pictured.


Weight: 2.5 g
Length: 2.6 cm
Outer diameter: 1.3 cm
Inner diameter: 0.5 cm

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