1.5 Ohm Atomizer Replacement Coil Head - Cotton Wick x 5

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Quality coils at an affordable price. Our very own, custom made 1.5 ohm atomizer coil heads with cotton wicks for better flavour and greater vapour production.

After much trial and error we reckon that the 1.5 ohm level of resistance offers the best performance in terms of speedy, evenly distributed heat production and works really well with a variety of different e-liquids, whether PG, VG or PG / VG mixes.

Our coils use thicker chimneys on the top section when compared with more standard coils of this type, which means for a snug fit inside your clearomizer's central tube section. This helps to reduce gurgling or leaks, which can be frequently experienced when using cheap, mass market coils which are engineered using thinner metal and silica wicks. 

You may find that removing the plastic grommet improves the wicking of e-liquid on the coil. Particularly with thicker liquids that are 50% VG or above we find that taking the grommet off can offer a better performance - but experiment and see what works best for you. 

The wire in our coils is a quality non-resistance / resistance / non-resistance combination (often abbreviated as NR-R-NR), which means that only the central section of the wire heats up. This reduces burnt tastes or 'dry hits' because the rubber plug (the bit at the base of the coil) doesn't heat up as the wire either side of it isn't conducting heat - only the top bit where the wick is actually gets hot.

These coils are suitable for all of our clearomizer tanks - but they can also be used with a range of Kanger and Evod Protank products that use single coil systems. All our coils are packed and hygienically sealed inside individual plastic packs.

The cotton wicks can be replaced carefully. Wet the wick and tease out a few strands at first - then gently pull the rest of the wick out slowly through the coil. Don't yank or pull hard as you' could break or damage the coil wire.

Perform a brief 'dry burn' of the coil for a couple of seconds on a low to mid-level voltage, then rinse in water and dry. Insert a fresh piece of cotton and job done. There are video tutorials online for this if you're not sure what you're doing.

They are available to buy as a single coil, or in packs of three or five.

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